A quick look at the robotic side of Law Firms

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Did you ever realise that your next lawyer might be an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system, debating at the speed of light with an AI judge? Well, we’re not quite there yet, so you won’t get legal counsel from your robotic vacuum cleaner any time soon, but things are moving relatively fast.

A few years back, an AI lawyer called LawGeex challenged 20 top US corporate lawyers with decades of experience. The task was relatively simple. They were each given five Non-Disclosure Agreements (standard contracts used in most business deals to establish a confidential relationship). …

A quick summary through the problems faced by AI today

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To err is human and mechanical.

It’s a cold winter day in Detroit, but the sun is shining bright. Robert Williams decided to spend some quality time rolling on his house’s front loan with his two daughters. His wife and mother-in-law lingered in a corner, sipping a warm drink while chatting away. Suddenly, police officers appeared from nowhere and brought to an abrupt halt a perfect family day. Robert was ripped from the arms of his crying daughters without an explanation, and cold handcuffs now gripped his hands. The police took him away in no time! His family were left shaken in disbelief at the scene…

A quick guide to determine whether you should take the plunge or not!

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A quick stroll through the most prominent technological portals seems to share a common theme. Behold, the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is near! By now, everyone heard about AI, everyone uses it in some form or another, but very few understand it. Luckily for us, one does not need to become an AI scientist before benefitting from it. Of course, with this information in hand, business owners are none the wiser since they still have no idea from where to start. …

Medical disruptions…close to home

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The past year brought the world on its knees, yet it also ushered to the door several essential healthcare innovations. Telehealth and remote care became more widely available due to the restrictions imposed by the pandemic.

The strain on our health system meant that the most forward- looking medical institutions had to evolve new capabilities such as voice assistants capable of servicing hundreds of calls, over and above their usual complement. To speed up processing, Artificial Intelligence (AI) blossomed in various healthcare applications, with big data taking on a significant role in the field of predictive analytics.

These innovations are…

How Artificial Intelligence is taking over a nearby planet

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You might be surprised to learn that very close to us, there exists a planet governed by Robots. No human beings live over there. The population is still relatively small, with only five robots on it, but it is growing steadily. This planet is none other than our sister planet Mars.

A look at the role of auto-pilots in today’s flights

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According to the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) in 2018, 4.3 billion people worldwide travelled by plane. This figure shows that more than half of the world’s population took one of the 40 million scheduled flights that year. People feel secure because even though flight accidents still happen, statistically, it is the safest mode of transport in existence at the moment. Passengers are relieved knowing that competent pilots are handling the aircraft, but very few realise or acknowledge the autopilot’s important role.

Some pilots claim that autopilots take care of up to 90% of the flight during regular trips. The…

Reshaping our relationship with the state through technology

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A government is a group of people with authority to administer a country. As any other institution, people manage it, and as such, the weakest part of the system is the human element. People get tired, their decisions are not always sound, and as a result, make mistakes. Because of this, governments need a new way of interacting with citizens. A system which provides their people with the services they require but stripped of all the red tape. …

How Artificial Intelligence can assist our elderly in their own homes

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It is a known fact that people live longer these days, and most governments are under pressure to provide more institutional care. But such care is very costly, and most of the time, the demand is much higher than the supply, thus leaving vulnerable people without adequate supervision. Many people are worried because their parents have reached a stage where they cannot live independently, but on the other hand, there’s no space available for the institutional care they can afford. Furthermore, we all know that people prefer to keep living in their community rather than being uprooted and placed in…

The AI’s journey beyond the frontier of creativity

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Human creativity seems to be the last frontier for Artificial Intelligence (AI). Many people claim that AI is good at various things, it excels way beyond human expectations, but it will be challenging to exhibit creativity. The creative process is still enshrined in mystery. We can use techniques to cultivate innovative thoughts, but in the end, we are not entirely sure how it happens. This lack of understanding regarding our own biological processes makes it hard for scientists to replicate them on a machine. Notwithstanding these limitations, we are not that far in creating innovative masterpieces using AI.

Let’s not waste our time, and choose to use it well throughout our life!

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This pandemic taught us that the most precious resource we have is not wealth but time. All the wealth in the world is useless when faced with death. A healthy lifestyle can maybe prolong our existence, but in the end, we never know when our life will terminate. We all know several cases where people of different ages had a full future ahead of them, but all of their plans fizzled into nothing when they met their fate. The pandemic was a reality check for most of us. It placed us face-to-face with our mortality. …

Alexiei Dingli

Professor of #AI at @uniofmalta, @AIMalta, Co-organiser at #GDGMalta

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