A poem inspired by the deaths of thousands of people, crossing the Mediterranean sea

Photo by Ian Espinosa on Unsplash

We will start a new life.
And we can stop believing that,
We will die at sea.
I realize this may be frightening, because
Patrols are nowhere to be seen.
But it is a fact that,
They will come and save us!
I tell my children that;
My beliefs are clear.
Is more important than
I tell you this:
People let each other die.
But this will not be true anymore,
One day, we will all live in peace.
Politicians tell us,
They are looking for a solution.
I have to stop believing that,
The political will won’t be there.
In the coming years,
There will be a safe passage.
No longer we will hear that,
People die at sea.
It will be evident that,
People of different race, colour and religion can live together.
Because it is foolish to presume that,
Their life is superior to ours.

Countless hours pass at sea … Now read the poem from bottom to top to see what happens …

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